FeloJoe Research Services Logo Project

The Story Behind FeloJoe Research Services

Client: FeloJoe Research

Industry: Environmental Research

Services: Visual Identity, Logo Design

FeloJoe Researchers Helmet


FeloJoe Research, a renowned player in the Botswana tourism and environmental sector, approached our agency with a unique challenge.

Client Background

FeloJoe Research wanted a logo that not only encapsulated its wealth of experience but also highlighted its strategic location as the gateway to the Okavango Delta in Maun, Botswana.

As a company serving both government and private clients, FeloJoe Research needed a visual identity that would resonate with its diverse audience.

Project Goals

To create a logo that reflects FeloJoe Research's expertise in the tourism and environmental industry while emphasizing its strategic location in Maun, Botswana.


Industry Representation: FeloJoe Research wanted a logo that clearly communicated their expertise and leadership in the tourism and environmental sector, showcasing their commitment to sustainable practices.

Geographical Significance: It was essential to incorporate the geographic significance of Maun as the gateway

to the Okavango Delta without making the design too literal or clichéd.


Symbolism: In our pursuit to represent FeloJoe Research's commitment to the environment and tourism while maintaining a connection to their company name, we took a distinctive approach.

Instead of using a traditional symbol, we incorporated stylized versions of the letters 'F, R, S' from their company name into the logo design. This personalized touch not only tied the logo closely to their brand but also gave it a distinctive and memorable identity.

Color Palette: To evoke the natural beauty of Maun and the Okavango Delta, we chose earthy tones, including greens and browns, which are often associated with lush landscapes and eco-friendly practices.

Typography: For the typography, we selected a clean and modern font that conveyed professionalism and expertise. The font choice aimed to balance the organic feel of the stylized letters 'F, R, S' with a contemporary edge.

Layout: The final logo design seamlessly integrated the stylized letters 'F, R, S' into the company name, creating a harmonious and memorable visual identity.

This unique approach not only represented FeloJoe Research's dedication to environmental sustainability but also provided a strong connection to its brand name, making the logo instantly recognizable and impactful.

FeloJoe Research Logo


The new logo successfully addressed the challenges presented by FeloJoe Research. It elegantly symbolizes their dedication to environmental sustainability and their deep roots in the Botswana tourism industry.

The incorporation of the tree subtly acknowledges Maun's unique position as the gateway to the Okavango Delta.

FRS Brand Identity

It not only gave our business a more professional look but also conveyed our expertise in the industry.

Tsholofelo Mbaiwa
Tsholofelo Mbaiwa



The FeloJoe Research Logo Project exemplifies our agency's ability to create brand identities that are not only visually appealing but also deeply meaningful. By understanding our client's industry, values, and geographical significance, we crafted a logo that expertly encapsulated their dedication to environmental sustainability and their esteemed position within the Botswana tourism and environmental industry.

This logo has not only elevated FeloJoe Research's visual identity but has also resonated with its diverse audience, receiving positive feedback from clients, partners, and stakeholders alike. It now proudly represents their wealth of experience, their commitment to sustainable practices, and their pivotal role in the Botswana tourism and environmental space.

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